Pousada ARCO IRIS, 4.7K

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Hotel Pousada ARCO IRIS
Loteamento Tabuba
Barra de Santo Antônio (AL)
CEP: 57.925-000
      CH-Wappen, 3K
 Swiss Management
Information and Reservation:
Phone: 082-3291-1250
FAX: 082-3291-6000
from outside of Brazil: 0055-82-3291-1250
E-Mail: arcoiris@gmx.net

Pousada Arco-Iris, Entrada, 9.4K Bar da Pousada Arco-Iris, 11K
Pousada Arco-Iris, Reception desk, 11.1K Pousada Arco-Iris, Restaurante, 10.3K
Pousada Arco-Iris Apartamento siples terreo, 10.3K Pousada Arco-Iris Apartamento simples terreo2, 10.3K
Pousada Arco-Iris - Ambiente et Piscina, 11.1K Pousada Arco-Iris, Ambiente et Piscina 2, 11.1K
Praia de Tabuba - Vista para o mar, 10.3K Carro quebrado - Passeio de bugre, 11.1K

Guest House The Hotel Pousada ARCO IRIS is a Guest House with Restaurant and Bar. The house offers a total of fourteen comfortable rooms with ten standard double rooms on the ground floor and four suites on the first floor. All rooms are equipped with frigobar, TV, aircon or ventilator, showers with warm water, toilets and a varanda for your private use. The hotel was built by it's owner who welcomed the first guests in 1996.
Since July 1999 you can take a bath in our new pool. A tropical drink tastes still better on a comfortable bedchair beside the pool in the leisure area - check it out!
Our Rooms Double Room STD: Comfortable Rooms with TV, frigobar, aircon, bathroom with warm water and a varanda of its own with chairs and hammocks for relaxing.
Double Room First Floor: Equipped like the Double Room STD but much more space and a balcony with a marvellous seaview. This rooms are available only with aircon.
Presidencial Suite: Comfortable living room with TV, huge balcony which offers a splendid view, bedroom with King-Size bed and air-condition.
Master Suite: Extremly large room (80m²) with separated living-room, kitchen, bar and two balconies, King-Size bed and TV. This special suite leaves nothing to be desired.
Activities Wind surfing with our own boards (Mistral), frisbee, backgammon, beach ball, swimming, using the bikes, the buggy or kajaks for discovering the beaches or the river, fishing ... for excursions you may rent a car or even a Jangada (local fishing boat).
Do not forget a international valid driving-licence if you intend to rent a car!
Go shopping or visit a concert in Maceió or Recife. Famous brazilian football can be watched at the stadium Rei Pele, ... or, ... just relax and enjoy Tabuba's superb beaches.
Map Maceio/Barra de Santo Antonio, 5.6K
The Hotel-Pousada ARCO IRIS is located right on the beach of the Costa dos Corais. The city of Maceió is 35 km away and can be reached easily by bus, car or taxi.

The local time is 4 hours behind Central European time (GMT -3).

Temperature: min. 20°C / max. 28°C
Water temp.: min. 22°C / max. 27°C

Journey CONDOR, TAP, TAM, GOL, LUFTHANSA, IBERIA and many others regularly fly to Brazil.

Transfers Aeroporto Maceió - Pousada ARCO IRIS
by taxi Euro 55.00 / R$ 120.00

Transfer Maceió City or bus station - Pousada ARCO IRIS:
All buses of the companies Real Alagoas or Tropical to Barra de Santo Antônio, São Luíz do Quitunde, Matriz do Camaregibe, Passo do Camaregibe, Porto de Pedra, Porto Calvo and Maragogi or by the company Real Alagoas, three times a day, to Recife "pelo litoral".
Get out in the Povoado Santa Lucia/entrance to Tabuba. Prices: Bus ca. Euro 2.00

From Recife: In front of the airport or from the bus station "rodoviária" departs three times a day the aircondition bus of the company Real Alagoas "pelo litoral" (NOT "pela BR101!").
The times are 04:30 and 11:00 (hours can change). The duration of this nice journey is about four hours. Buy a ticket to Barra de Santo Antônio and get out in the Povoado Santa Lucia/Tabuba,
4 km after Barra de Santo Antônio. The price of this ticket is approx. ca. Euro 20.00
On request we organize a taxi for you, there or back: Euro 180.00 / R$ 380.00

Room Prices All prices are including breakfast (prices are subject to change):

Prices in Euro  Low season
01.03 - 20.12.
High season
20.12. - 01.03
 Double Room
Euro   38.00 Euro   49.00
 Triple Room
Euro   49.00 Euro   67.00
 Double Room First Floor Euro   45.00 Euro   58.00
 Presidencial Suite Euro   51.00 Euro   67.00
 Master Suite Euro   58.00 Euro   78.00
 Single Room Euro   33.00 Euro   42.00
 Additional Bed Euro   11.00 Euro   18.00
 Children under 6 years FREE - 1 p/room
(in parents bed)
FREE - 1 p/room
(in parents bed)
 Children under 12 years Euro     8.00 Euro   11.00
 Four Bed Room Euro   58.00 Euro   78.00
 Five Bed Room Euro   64.00 Euro   87.00
 Six Bed Room Euro   70.00 Euro   94.00
Prices in US$ Low season
01.03 - 20.12.
High season
20.12. - 01.03
 Double Room
US$    45.00 US$   58.00
 Triple Room
US$    59.00 US$   79.00
 Double Room First Floor US$    53.00 US$   69.00
 Presidencial Suite US$   61.00 US$   79.00
 Master Suite US$   69.00 US$   92.00
 Single Room US$   40.00 US$    50.00
 Additional Bed US$   14.00 US$   21.00
 Children under 6 years FREE - 1 p/room
(in parents bed)
FREE - 1 p/room
(in parents bed)
 Children under 12 years US$    10.00 US$   14.00
 Four Bed Room US$    69.00 US$    92.00
 Five Bed Room US$    77.00 US$   103.00
 Six Bed Room US$    84.00 US$   110.00
- Price reductions are given if you stay longer than 14 days
- Prices for Silvester/New Year's Eve, Carnaval and Easter Week on request
- We accept American Express, Master and VISA
Restaurant We are very pleased to prepare typical and international dishes for you. Try our special meat fondues, cheese fondue or seafood fondue.
Enjoy a glass of wine to accompany your dinner you have chosen from our versatile menu.
Languages The local language is Portuguese. We are happy to help you in English, French, Italian Spnish German and Portuguese.
Travel Agents For flights to Brazil or special arrangements contact your local travel agent.
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